Here's how...

Guaranteed Miles

You choose how many annual miles you wish to purchase. These miles are guaranteed and we call them your Guaranteed Miles.
The fewer Guaranteed Miles you choose the lower your annual premium is likely to be.


Once you have only 500 Guaranteed Miles remaining, you may purchase TopUp-Miles in bundles of 500 miles, as often as you need to, until renewal. Careful Driving can make TopUp-Miles cheaper than Guaranteed Miles.

Renewal Discount

Earn up to 25% discount at renewal depending on how, when and where your car is driven during the year, in addition to your no claims discount. Please note; Premiums can go up as well as down based on your Driving Style

Premium Saving Tool

This is your Dashboard, it shows how your driving is affecting your TopUp-Miles price and your Renewal Discount or Load. Your Driving records, all documentation and Hints & Tips for how to save even more are found here.

Added Extras

Why not include: Breakdown Cover, Legal Cover, Paper Documents or In Car Gadget Cover.